Sasternea, Xubiltz

SasterneaSasternea is a 16th century founded by the family palace Goyenetche Iturraldea of Arizkun.
The house is first mentioned in the parochial archives of 1564, which suggests that Astrearena (name at the time) could be built in the early 16th century.All indications are that the battery embrasures on the second floor as well as the bombardone found in the loft were used in the defense of Navarra against the Castillian invasion.  The last battle of Basque resistance against the invader took place in 1522 in Amaiur (Maia), about 5 kilometers from Arizkun.
Today it hosts the workshop and the permanent exhibition of the artist Xabier Soubelet.
The house also serves as the center for the cultural society Xubiltz.
To get there go through Dancharia (via St Pee or Ainhoa​​), through the pass of Otxondo and turn left down the neck towards Erratzu. Arizkun is three kilometers from croisement.You can also go through Behobie, take the road to Pamplona until Elizondo exit, cross the village and reach Arizkun which is three kilometers.Quelque is the path, the distance is the even from St Jean de Luz, 45 kms.Il takes 50 mins drive from Bayonne or 40 of St Jean de Luz.
One can also take the pass of Izpeguy from Baigorry to Erratzu then Arizkun.










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