Xabier SoubeletThis is the website of Xabier Soubelet, painter from Spain´s Valley of Baztan (Navarra).
Here you can both see and purchase his paintings.
In order to visit an exhibition of his work at his 16th century home-studio, Sasternea, in the small Navarran town of Arizkun, you can call him directly at (34) 616 347 689 or send an email to him at: .
The exhibition is divided into two distinct parts: on the first floor is found the artist´s recent works, the majority having been painted in 2014, mostly modern and abstract. On the second floor one can contemplate his more figurative work, paintings that have been created from 1976 to the present.
Sasternea itself is worth a visit and it both enhances and becomes part of Xabier´s exhibition of colorist paintings.

Curriculum Vitae

Xabier Soubelet was born on May 20, 1953, in Ziburu, Lapurdi in Basque country..

His mother, Maite Laskibar, and his two sisters Maite and Miren both died in 1958. Another sister, Miren Maite, had already died in 1956.

These sad circumstances inevitably influenced the life of Xabier and contributed to his sensitive nature.

He has lived until now between San Juan de Luz, North Basque country, and Arraioz, in Baztan, Navarra, south Basque country; his mother´s family was from this Basque town.

As a youth he was interested and active in the writing of poetry and the creating of songs, all of which can be found on this website.  But in 1975, at the age of 22, he met the Baztan painter, José Mari Apezetxea, and discovered painting.  A new facet of his creativity was born; this, the definitive facet.

Shortly after beginning to paint, he became one of the Baztan group of painters which included Apezetxea, Ana Marín, José Rezola, Kepa Arizmendi, Tomas Sobrino, together with the Vizcayan painters closely related to those of Baztan,  Marcelino Bañales and Ismael Fidalgo.

Xabier´s first works were impressionistic, strongly influenced by Cezanne.  Later German Expressionism began to influence his style, and has done so up to the present.  Since 2009 Xabier´s paintings have become more abstract, full of vibrant, cheerful color.  Today he could be considered to be a Basque Abstract Expressionist painter.

Xabier Soubelet has done more than 2100 paintings, all of which are catalogued and numbered.