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Xabier Soubelet

News My new novel in French  " L 'assaut des condors"( ed Xubiltz 2019) is the adaptation of My novel in basque language, Txoria badator , txoria badoa.

I'm writing a new novel: Txoria badator txoria badoa- Gernika, about the bombardement of Gernika. This is the third part of a Trilogy witch the first partyu was a musical show in St jean de Luz in june of 2017. The second part is a big painting whitch you can see in this website.

Hello. I Xabier Soubelet and my writer's name is Xubiltz.
This section called "writer" is a corpus of all my literary work.
You can read all these books in this website.


It is divided into four parts. They include poems written from 1975 to the present. Some of them have been published, some not. Those in the first period (1975-1990) could be defined Commes existentialist poetry and have never been published. All others have been either:
- Bizil eta Oldar  (Hiria 2009)
Iza ote iza? (Maiatz 2011)

- Elektroxok ( maiatz 2015) Showings  in " Basque writers meeting", in Sare, in Pamplona and in the books fear of Durango.

is still in the columns of the literary magazine "Maiatz" or the annual poetry book "Hatsaren poesia".

-BIZIL poetry book ( february 2017  ed Xubiltz)


The texts published in the book "Oroitzirriak" (Maiatz) and its second volume "Oroitzirriak II" constitute the bulk of this section, which must be added the texts of the journal Maiatz and storytelling.

-The linguistic novel: "Izotzetik izanera"
-Sung poem
and video
-Many poems
are accompanied by music that I composed that turns these texts songs. Some of them are recorded in the "Poem sang" other form of audio-video.

-"Sortzearen eztandak"( Elkar 2016), about the creation and the origin of humanity. Novel. Xubiltz wants to attack a bet, to write in two writing kinds, poetry and novel, about the same subject, the creation of the word. It's a novelty in basque literature.


The musical GURE HERRIA I wrote from 1998 to 2008 is a work composed of bertsu, singing, theater stages, various music and humor permanent. It tells the story of the Basque Country since the early Celtic invasions until today, through the Roman invasion, the Kingdom of Navarre, the various wars and battles, the French Revolution, the Carlist wars, the birth of Basque nationalism Franco's dictatorship, the birth of ETA, the news of 1998, the agreement Estella Garazi ....... until the day of self-determination of the Basque country towards peace and the eventual independence Euskal herria.

This is a show for more than three hours I would like someone to take on his own to produce and perform.

It's going to be published in june 2017( ed Xubiltz)


- This blog is intended to
- Write my poems composed comments
- Reveal my political opinions on the news
- Write about my art and painting.

My literary work makes its way and I'm on the verge of completing two books:

 "Odolez eraila", a detective story novel is also runing.

 -The correction of a novel Younth "Delitua" follows its course également

Xabier's books.

1 Oroitzirriak1
2 Oroitzirriak
3 Izotzetik izanera
4 Bizil
5 Bizil eta Oldar
6 Sortzearen eztandak
7 iza ote iza
8 Elektroxok
9 Gure herria
10 Gure bazterrak
11 Txoria badator txoria badoa- Gernika 81
12 Iz source de vie


13 Zer ez bada hauxe?
14 les éclats de la naissance