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This is the website of Xabier Soubelet, basque artist. Painter, writer and song author from Valley of Baztan (Navarra)and St jean de Luz( Lapurdi).
Here you can all see and purchase his paintings( 2650), his songs( 350),novels and poetry ( 14 books).
In order to visit an exhibition of his work at his 16th century home-studio, Sasternea, in the small Navarran town of Arizkun, you can call him directly at  Spain (34) 616 347 689
The exhibition is divided into two distinct parts: on the first floor is found the artist´s recent works, the majority having been painted in 2014, mostly modern and abstract. On the second floor one can contemplate his more figurative work, paintings that have been created from 1976 to the present.
Sasternea itself is worth a visit and it both enhances and becomes part of Xabier´s exhibition of colorist paintings
Last paintings
 Painting Style 
Xabier Soubelet´s current style could best be described as abstract expressionism, and is easily identifiable as his own.  The majority of his paintings are abstro-figurative, with touches of real life present within an abstraction which is dominated and directed by the use of color.  Xabier's painting is based on such color, pure, vibrant, primary color. Color is the underlying element in the work of Xabier.
Xabier´s favorite artists are Matisse, Derain, De Kooning, Joan Mitchell, Hofman, Still, Per Kirkeby, Soulages, Tapies, Schneider, Poliakoff, Van Velde(2), Nicolas de Stael, and of course, Cezanne, for his composition, and Gaughin and Van Gogh, for there sense of freedom and use of color.  German Expressionism has greatly influenced Xabier´s palette, helping him to develop a Basque Abstract Expressionism.
The neologism "abstrootism" is made up of the words abstract and root .  It pretty much sums up Xabier´s style, which tends toward the abstract but always maintains a figurative element, even if it´s only a white streak representing a cottage in the distance, a cottage which is reminiscent of his home in Euskal Herria (Basque Country), a home that is full of life.
To Basques who live in America: If you want a painting of your basque town or your bornth house you can order what you want by this website.

                                                                                                      EXHIBITIONS 2024

NOW: ST JEAN DE LUZ :  Bar basque from 8 to 28 of april: Soubelet and Floutier



Floutier eta Xabier Soubelet



PARIS Foire ARTF3  26-28 janvier Stand J14

VENISE-VENICE INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2024 at Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello du 25 janvier jusqu'au 25 mars

BARCELONE      ARTF3   ARTFEAR  5-6-7 of april

MILAN  International modern art fear  "GLOBAL" organised by  "the Association Sei l'Arte", in collaboration with "the Accorsi Arte Gallery," from 16 to 21 April 2024 in "SPAZIO ARTE TOLOMEO"Tolomeo Art Space   Via Maria Andrea Ampère, 27 Milano    During Design Week In Milan

USA: New York ARTFEAR with Mecenavie from 4 to 7 april  



MADRID: FROM 19 TO 31 may. Galerie of Basque center .Organised by  Euskal Etxea of Madrid, "la sociedad vascongada de amigos del pais" of Madrid and "asociacion cultural navarra." of Madrid

Musée de  Guethary, Basque Country
Paris  foire ART3F septembre

Madrid:  -" Second  artistes vasco- navarrais's salon" in october



                                                                          EXHIBITIONS   2025

San jean de luz , , 50 YEARS PAINTING.  anthologic EXHIBITION £
Madrid: Bsque center in april 
Catalogne in project

Irissary( to confiirm)
Paris  foire ART3F artfear september

Madrid:  - III ème Salon of Basque artists , october.

Pamplona Décember: Nuevo Casino


                                                    last exhibitions  2023

Pamplona. DECEMBER  Nuevo Casino, plaza del Castillo 

Casino2023  exo iruna 23

JANUARY Paris, +WITH galerie Michel Menendez 's gallery

 WhatsApp Image 2023 01 28 at 09.43.28Paris 24

Madrid      from 4  to 18february   Euskal etxea  .

Madrid esuskal etxea2

*Rome, June :galerie "il colleccionista"  
*Bayonne  14of september , Musée Basque,   "Ene sormena". concert     
*Arizkun:      all summer

Paris,22,23 et 24 september, artfear

*Madrid  23 october Salon 
*Belluno, Italia in november, DOLOMITI ART FAIR– Belluno Unique Fair in the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Sit

Pamplona:  décember - Nuevo Casino  


You can find my paintings in all these cities.

Paris, Madrid, Barcelone, Sidney( Australie), San Francisco( USA), New York( USA), Los Angeles( USA), Houston( USA), Boston( USA), Bakersfield (USA), Chino( USA), Miami( USA), Mexico, Buenos Aires, Cancun ( Mexique), Puerto Rico, Montreal ( Canada),  Caracas( Venezuela), Toronto( Canada), Munich, Marrakech, Strasbourg, Berlin, Londres, Quebec,  Bologne, Rome, Naples, Belluno, Vienne, Oxford, Dubai, Cancun, Bruxelles, Madrid, Barcelone, Saragosse, Grenade, Seville ,Sitges, mais aussi  Bordeaux, Deauville, Lyon, Caen, Nancy, Nantes,Toulouse, Clermont- Ferrand, Nantes, Chambery, Pau, Oloron,Bilbao, Saint Sebastien, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Pampelune, Bayonne, Biarritz, Irun, Fontarrabie ainsi que dans de nombreuses autres villes et villages du Pays Basque.


                                                                      Expos   2022



     Locandina Naples2


TURIN october

Torino 2022


Arizkun, expo permanente



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